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Jagged Alliance 3 Herman All Choices



Jagged Alliance 3 - Herman All Choices

Herman is one of the characters in Jagged Alliance 3 by whom players will get several choices that will choose the outcome of Herman. He is not an enemy like Bastien or Pierre but he is a regular local who happens to kill a villager at Ernie Villager. He does admit that he is guilty but he didn’t mean to kill the villager and the very first time that players will get to hear Herman’s name is when they have liberated Ernie Village.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you all the possible outcomes of every choice of Herman in Jagged Alliance 3.

Herman All Choices in Jagged Alliance 3

Once players have liberated Ernie Village (H2), they will meet a local named “Martha”. She will tell the Mercs that her husband (Herman) has gone missing and he was recently seen at the Emerald Coast. It is a side quest that is optional but completing it can give a lot of goodies to players. To find Herman, players need to go to Sector I3 which is Emerald Coast. Select the Tactical View to explore the area and as players reach the coast, they will see Herman guarded by several legion enemies. Take out the enemies and interact with Herman to learn that he is guilty of murdering a villager.

Herman All Choices in 1st Meeting

Now, players need to go back to Ernie Village and talk to Basil and Luc which will give the following options regarding Herman.

  • This is none of our business: Saying nothing during the execution of Luc for the murder of the villager will get Luc killed and it will affect hiring Pierre later in the game. Players will gain 10 Loyalty with Ernie. If players go back to Herman and talk to him, he will give 1 x Mortar Gas Cartridge, 4 x 12-gauge Saltshot, 2 x 9 mm Standard, 5 x Parts, 11 x Meds, 12 x Hollow Point, 1 x Nuts and Bolts Magazine, 1 x Bag of Chien Franks, 1 x Flak Leggings, 1 x Sleight of Hand, 2 x Tiny Diamonds, 1 x Confidante, and 1 x Crowbar to the players.
  • Herman did it: Choosing this choice will give two additional choices, Spare Herman or Herman Should Hang.
  • Spare Herman: Sparing Herman will get you 5 Loyalty with Ernie and by talking to Herman, players will get several items.
  • Herman Should Hang: Choosing this choice will give you 20 Loyalty with Ernie.

Herman All Choices in 2nd Meeting

If players kept their secret about Herman and spared him from hanging, players will meet him at the Refugee Camp in Sector E9. By talking to Herman at the Refugee Camp, players will get the following choices.

  • Jobs in a Mine: Selecting this choice will give Herman a Job in the mines and players will get 10 Loyalty with Refugee Camp and 360 XP. However, it is only possible if players have a Merc with a high Leadership Stat.
  • Money: Selecting this choice will give $2,000 to Martha and Herman and earn players 10 Loyalty with Refugee Camp and 360 XP.
  • Can’t help you: Selecting this option will have no action and everything remains the same.

It will be the last time when players will get any choice from talking to Herman. Make sure to select the choices that you see as more beneficial for you in Jagged Alliance 3.

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