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Jagged Alliance 3: How to Complete Haunted Mansion Quest



Jagged Alliance 3: Haunted Mansion Quest

The Haunted Mansion is one of the quests that players can start by interacting with the NPCs found in different areas of the World Map. If players wander into an Abandoned Mansion at Sector G8, they will start the Haunted Mansion quest which will allow players to get a hefty amount of $15,000. However, the abandoned mansion is guarded by a Ghost.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Haunted Mansion quest in Jagged Alliance 3.

How to Complete Haunted Mansion Quest in Jagged Alliance 3

The Haunted Mansion quest is not simple as it seems, players will not get to find the treasure right away as there are some secret interactions that players need to accomplish. The first time when players arrive at the Abandoned Mansion, they will encounter several Legion soldiers. They have set up a Mine Field around the mansion that players need to be aware of. Make sure to have an Explosive Expert in the squad to take care of the landmines. Take out the Legion soldiers either by stealth or gun-blazing action.

Once players have taken care of the soldiers, they will be free to explore the mansion. Players need to investigate the Abandoned Mansion to gather clues.

  • Firstly, interact with the corpse outside of the mansion.
  • Interact with the Hippo statue facing toward the staircase to open the doors nearby the cellars.
  • Interact with the doors to open them and go down the cellars to investigate the place. Search the table at the end of the room to get a clue.

If you are playing this mission during the night then you will be able to talk to Ghost in the Cellars but if you are playing it in the daytime, then you need to go to the Satellite view and pass time until night. Go back to the cellars to talk with Ghost.

Upon talking with Ghost, players will get the following options.

  • Kill him: Selecting this option will kill the Ghost which will earn 10 Loyalty points with Fleatown and some EXP. However, it will lose $15,000.
  • Learn more about him: Selecting this choice will allow players to talk about the soldiers that they killed.

If players select the second option, it will spawn some more Legion soldiers and players will have to clear them out. After taking out the Legion soldiers for the second time, talk to Butler/Ghost to learn about the owner of the Mansion, Mr. Ditch. If players have Fox on their team, they can use the Scoundrel Perk to lie to Butler that Mr. Ditch is dead. By doing this, Butler will give you the treasure aka $15,000.

It completes the Haunted Mansion quest but if players do want to find Mr. Ditch, they can do that as well.

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