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Jagged Alliance 3 – How to Train Mercs



Jagged Alliance 3 - Train Mercs

Training Mercs is one of the mechanics that players should consider using because it will allow players to train a specific stat of the mercenaries. Increasing the stats of the mercenaries not only increases their potential but also makes them valuable to that certain role of that stat.

In this guide, we’ll be telling you how to Train Mercs in Jagged Alliance 3.

How to Train Mercs in Jagged Alliance 3

Having more than one mercenary with a certain high stat can be very helpful on the field in Jagged Alliance 3. For Example, if your squad has two Marksmanships with a stat over 85, they will be able to hit more precise shots on Head than the other mercenaries. It can make a lot of difference in gunfights and can reward you with almost every victory in gunfights. Because dealing damage is totally based on precisive shots in Jagged Alliance 3 and the higher the stats of a Marksmanship, the higher the damage. Not all mercenaries are all-rounder or have higher stats overall but they can be trained to achieve them.

As there are 10 stats of each mercenary, only 1 of them will be high enough depending on their role and if players want to have another mercenary who can accomplish the same task, they can choose to train the mercenary. Players can choose any mercenary in their squad to increase any required stat. To train the mercenaries, players can follow the following steps.

  • Before starting the mission, players need to select the Operations option. It is located beside the progression bar in the bottom middle of the screen.
  • Opening the Operations will show several actions and players have to select the Train Mercs action.
  • There will be two blocks in the menu, one for the Teacher and one for the Student. Before players set the mercenaries in the respective blocks, they need to select the Change Stat option and select the one they want to train the mercenary for.
  • After selecting the stat, it will be mentioned beside the Teacher Block and players can select the Teacher Block to add the preferrable Teacher of that stat.
  • After that, they need to select a mercenary of whom they want to improve the stat, confirm, and then start the training.

It is an easy mechanic to understand but it is one of the most effective mechanics in the game. Players need to use this mechanic to greatly increase the potential of the mercenaries which will also help in their Leveling.

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