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Jagged Alliance 3 – Pierre All Choices



Jagged Alliance 3 - Pierre

Jagged Alliance 3 will allow players to hire mercenaries and interact with the local NPCs around the village and big cities as well as certain enemy leaders of an enemy force known as Legion. One of the enemies that players will get to interact with and hire later as a comrade in the game is Pierre. Pierre is a warlord who is controlling the soldiers of the paramilitary and sending them to various areas across the starting island of the game.

In this guide, we’ll tell you all the outcomes of possible choices of Pierre in Jagged Alliance 3.

Pierre All Choices in Jagged Alliance 3

Pierre is staying in Fort Leau Bleu which is on the edge of the starting island. The Fort Leau Bleu is in Sector H4 and it is also the place where players will get to meet Pierre. However, the Fort is well secured and players will have to decrease the defense before liberating the fort and confronting Pierre. Players need to liberate the Ernie Village in Sector H2 where players will meet Pierre’s Father (Luc). His father will tell you not to kill Pierre and to increase the chances of meeting Pierre alive at the Fort is to decrease its defense which can be done by the following.

  • Kill/Spare Bastien
  • Get the Machine Gun
  • Convince Deedee

Upon completing these optional requests, the defense of the Fort will be decreased and allow players to easily attack and clear the Fort with Legion soldiers. Make sure not to kill Pierre during combat and when Pierre is left alone, he will surrender and players will get to talk to him which will give the following two choices.

  • Time to Die: Selecting this choice will kill Pierre which will finish the quest and give 30 Loyalty Points with Ernie. However, players will not get to hire Pierre later in the game.
  • You May Go: Selecting this choice will let Pierre go away and players get 10 Loyalty Points with Ernie. If players go back to Ernie Village and talk to Luc, he will give them a diamond. Sparing Pierre also allows players to hire Pierre in the squad later in the game.

Players can choose to liberate the Fort even before liberating the Ernie Village and talking to Luc but it is better to know the backstory because it will allow players to make choices more accordingly.

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