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Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth: How to Build New Lodgings and Furnishings on Dondoko Island



Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth - Build new Lodgings and Furnishings

Increasing your level on Dondoko Island will require your assistance with various tasks like cleaning the trash, defeating the Washbucklers, fulfilling the requests of guests, gathering the resources, and much more. One of the essential tasks that can help you increase your level on Dondoko island quickly is building newly unlocked Lodgings and Furnishings. As each structure or decorative item is of a certain tier level and genre, placing them around the island will amuse your guests which can positively impact your income.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to build new Lodgings and Furnishings on Dondoko Island in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

How to Build New Lodgings and Furnishings on Dondoko Island

As you start your daily routine on Dondoko Island and do certain tasks like gathering resources, breaking a certain number of stones, or selling a certain number of items, reward you with EXP and Dokobucks which will increase your level on Dondoko Island. Upon leveling up and reaching a higher rank in the resort, new lodgings and furnishings of a higher tier level will unlock which you need to purchase before you can build them at the DIY crafting table.

Lodgings can be purchased from Kenzo found in Matayoshi’s shop whereas, the Furnishings are purchased from Matayoshi himself also located in Matayoshi’s shop. The prices for both types of these structures can vary on level and genre so, make sure that you have enough Dokobucks to purchase the recipes.

Upon getting the recipes for the structures, make your way to the DIY crafting table and navigate to respective categories to find the structures. Select the structure and build it using the required resources to store them in your bag. You can also set the number of structures that you wish to build at a time so that you don’t have to watch the building animation each time.

Once you have built the structures, you will be able to place them by going into Edit Mode. Open the Bag to find the recently built structures and then place them alongside the roads so that the guests can interact with them which will additionally increase the popularity of the resort.

You would have to build several structures and lodgings throughout the Dondoko Island minigame certainly until you have reached five-star rank. On each rank up, new structures will be available at the vendors so, make sure to check their wares and get the recipes that you think can help you earn popularity more quickly.

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