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Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth – How to Get All Resources on Dondoko Island



Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth - All Resources on Dondoko Island

Restoring the popularity of Dondoko Island will require players to level up the resort by clearing out the trash and building several structures of various genres. However, doing so will require several resources that are found throughout the various areas of Dondoko Island that players must explore every day to gather the resources.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get all the resources on Dondoko Island in Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

How to Get All Resources on Dondoko Island

There are seven main resources on Dondoko Island required for crafting all sorts of structures around the resort to improve its popularity. From day one at the resort, players will be able to obtain a few of the resources as some of the resources are located on various areas of Dondoko Island which unlocks after reaching Level 2/3. The list of all resources found on Dondoko Island is as follows.

  • Cloth
  • Plastic
  • Iron
  • Glass
  • Semiconductor
  • Wood
  • Stone

Gathering Cloth, Plastic, and Iron

All three of these resources can be gathered from day one at the resort. These resources are gathered by breaking the piles of junk spread across Dondoko Island. You can identify the pile of junk as cardboard boxes and break them using your precious tool, Bat. Furthermore, these resources can also be gathered from the Recycling Center near Matayoshi shop.

Gathering Wood and Stone

Wood and Stone are also easy to obtain as several trees and rocks can be found throughout the areas of Dondoko Island. Players can both cut the trees and mine the rocks using the Bat tool but it is essential for players to first upgrade their Bat at the Matayoshi shop. Once players have an upgraded bat, they can find both wood and stone consistently in areas like Hills, Lighthouse, Mukku Beach, etc.

Gathering Glass and Semiconductor

Last but not least, the main two remaining resources on Dondoko Island will require players to reach a two-star rank on the resort which will unlock Dondoko Farm where players will be able to travel by a raft. From there, players will get access to Love ‘n’ Peace Beach where they will be able to find several trash piles like bottles, rubber tires, and semiconductors. Clean up the trash to get both of the final resources.

Apart from these main resources, Dondoko Island also has various kinds of Bugs and Fish that players will be able to catch using Bug Net and Harpoon respectively. Additionally, there are several ores, shrooms, and scalps that can be found in areas like Mukku Beach and Gachapin Beach. These are collectible/valuable items found around the areas that can be sold to make quick money (Dokobucks).

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