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Like a Dragon: Infinite Health – How to Increase Hearts (Livability) on Dondoko Island



Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth - Increase Hearts on Dondoko Island

Coming over to a mysterious island in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth will reset everything for Ichiban Kasuga and will require players to earn everything again separately for Kasuga on Dondoko Island. However, it does not affect the real outworld progress but if players want to rebuild Dondoko Island and restore its popularity, they must start from scratch.

Progressing in Dondoko Island will require players to participate in various activities which include gathering resources, cleaning the trash, defeating the enemies, building lodgings and furnishings, fulfilling requests of guests, and much more. However, restoring Dondoko Island does not affect the Livability of Kasuga or its health and players must undertake other activities to increase hearts or livability of Kasuga on Dondoko Island.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to increase the hearts of Kasuga on Dondoko Island in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

How to Increase Hearts (Livability) on Dondoko Island

Starting on Dondoko Island will only have three hearts for Kasuga as his main health and the only way to increase the number of hearts is to increase the Livability. The Livability stat of Kasuga is increased upon how well Kasuga is living on Dondoko Island and the current Livability rate of Kasuga can be seen in the bottom right of the menu. To put it in simple words, improve and upgrade the house of Kasuga on Dondoko Island to increase the Livability which will increase the total number of Hearts.

Improving the house will require you to place various lodgings and furnishings inside the house. There are several decorative items for which recipes can be bought from Matayoshi and then can be crafted on the DIY crafting table. After crafting the items that you wish to place inside the house, go inside the house, go into the Edit Mode, and open the bag to place the items. The placement of the items does not play any major role in increasing the Livability level so feel free to place the items wherever you like.

Additionally, you can also upgrade your house by speaking to Kenzo who also can be found inside Matayoshi’s shop. Select the upgrade house option to get a second floor for your house and then place more decorative items to further increase the Livability. Once you have reached Livability 5,000, you will gain ten Hearts in total which is the maximum you can get on Dondoko Island.

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