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Mark Cerny praises PS5 SSD: “You can load 2GB of content in a quarter of a second”.



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Mark Cerny, the designer behind PS5, in very long words talking about the console, game development, etc. Cerny first talks about pedigree and “common” design, claiming that he makes a work table with all creators to get ideas. “Advances tend to come from an individual, a brilliant programmer, or a system builder on one of the PlayStation computers.

Cerny tours the studio every two years, talking to these same developers about what they need and how they feel about the PlayStation hardware they’re working on. This approach – and the designer’s familiarity with the development process – gives them advice on console design.

In open-world games, or with wide corridors, many times separations with charging times are needed and this is where an SSD stands out. PS4 had an HDD, which reads and writes information to and from a disc, but that design has drawbacks in terms of the data at the edge of the disc, it will take longer to read and get to the center; if the data is even more fragmented, the trade-off is that an HDD is cheaper than an SSD.

Another way of thinking about it is how: How many wastebaskets are there in New York? It’s a question of data storage because if you break the virtual world of Spider-Man into city blocks and pile them up you’ve copied all their elements onto disk. Cerny and his team did this on PS4 to speed up loading times, but the result was a lot of wasted space. One bin can result in a negligible size, but 400 will increase it.

“An SSD softens these questions,” says Cerny, who estimates that 1 GB of data with an HDD would take 20 seconds to load, but an SSD would load 2 GB of data in about a quarter of a second. “For gamers, this is more time in the game and for developers less stress time in data management. With an SSD you can talk about what you are going to create rather than how you are going to create it.

Without a doubt, it cannot be said that Mark Cerny is not working alongside the PlayStation creators.

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