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Pokémon GO achieves new revenue record in 2020, despite pandemic



Pokémon GO achieves new revenue record in 2020, despite pandemic

According to one study, Pokémon GO would have surpassed $1 billion in revenue by 2020, far exceeding all previous years. How is that possible in a game like Pokémon GO in the midst of a pandemic?

It’s been more than four years since Pokémon GO was launched, and it’s been hitting every territory in the summer of 2016.

Like all fashions, after a few months, Pokémon GO stopped making headlines and memes. But if you think its popularity has declined, you’re wrong. Niantic’s revenue dropped significantly in 2017, yes, but from 2018 onwards it rose again, to a record 2020, which is well above the rest of the years.

A study by SensorTower claims that Pokémon GO’s revenue would have reached $1 billion by 2020, up 11% from 2019 (and that’s not counting the last two months of the year). If we compare it with the first 10 months of 2019, it would be 30% more.

In fact, Niantic’s is the third highest revenue mobile game in 2020 (not counting Android third party shops, only the official Google Play and App Store). It lags behind PUBG Mobile and Honors for Kings.

Other interesting data show that the US is the country that has contributed the most income so far (36.3%) and the one that has downloaded the most (18.2%). In Europe, Germany is the country where the game has been most popular. In terms of total downloads worldwide, it would already be close to 600 million, 78% of which are on Google Play.

It should be taken into account, however, that this is an estimate by the analyst agency, and Niantic has not shared official revenue data during this year.

And how do you explain this with a game which main attraction was to go out and play, in the year of the pandemic? The truth is that Niantic has implemented many changes to allow playing from home. And in the moments and places where it was possible to leave the house, it may also have served as a motivation or excuse to go out and exercise while maintaining social distance.

However, Pokémon GO has been growing steadily since 2018, and there have been many upgrades with new modes and temporary events to keep players interested. Will it still perform as well next year?

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