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Marvel’s Avengers Will Feature “Extensive Additional Content” To Get Players Back, Says Square Enix



Marvel's Avengers Will Feature "Extensive Additional Content" To Get Players Back, Says Square Enix

The president of Square Enix has commented on the company’s plan to compensate for the losses of Marvel’s Avengers. A good deal of additional content will be launched over time.

At this point, it is clear that Marvel’s Avengers has not been the most successful launch of the year. The title of Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix has suffered a poor reception in terms of sales. However, it seems that the Japanese developer will not give up so easily.

In a world where the trend of gaming as a service is already established, Marvel’s Avengers can continue to grow in order to try to offer a greater attraction to more players who, little by little, compensate for the losses it has generated after its launch.

The president of the company, Yosuke Matsuda, has commented on the plan to recover the pull of The Avengers. To compensate for the initial slow sales by offering extensive additional content, in the second half of the fiscal year. These statements come from a recent financial report which pointed out the losses and the overall poor performance of Marvel’s Avengers.

Some of this content arrives on December 8th with Kate Bishop at the head. Of course, it’s not the first time that a game consists of a bad or controversial launch and then ends up recovering and offering a more complete experience. Star Wars Battlefront II or No Man’s Sky are some examples. The Marvel universe is wide enough to bring out content for years.

All this has been mentioned before and Square Enix will continue to support Marvel’s Avengers to recover its investment in the game. Marvel’s Avengers has lost 96% of its players on Steam since it was launched two months ago.

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