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Microsoft clarified that some games from the Xbox 360 and the first Xbox will run on the Series S at 1440p



Microsoft said some Xbox 360 and first Xbox games will run on Series S at 1440p Editori

On September 19, the technical division of Eurogamer explained in more detail how exactly the backward compatibility of games in the Xbox Series S will work — in the” younger version ” of the new generation console from Microsoft. We chose the main thing from the material.

  • Microsoft has confirmed that games from the original 2001 Xbox will run on the Series S in higher resolution-titles in 480p will go to a maximum of 1440p.
  • The same goes for games with Xbox 360, which received improvements for Xbox One X-on the Series S, they will be able to get a double increase in resolution — from 720p to 1440p. Among these games, for example, the first Red Dead Redemption, Gears of War 2 and 3, as well as the first Assassin’s Creed. The rest of the games from the previous generation will work in the original resolutions-that is, 480p and 720p.
  • As previously confirmed, backward compatibility of games from the Xbox One generation to the Series S will not work on the basis of improvements to the Xbox One X-instead, the console will receive versions with the Xbox One S, but with increased fps, loading time due to SSD and Auto HDR.
  • Microsoft said that separate titles from the Xbox One X and S will work on the Series X and S at twice the frame rate. In theory, this means that games at 30 fps can get a boost of up to 60 fps, and games with a frame rate of 60 – up to 120 fps.
  • Microsoft also noted that the GPU Series S plays games from the Xbox One S much better than the Xbox One X.
  • According to the Xbox system architect, no additional optimization is required to increase the frame rate on new consoles, and if it is needed, developers can easily implement it — for this they will have separate tools that allow them to see which version of the Xbox the game is running on and what improvements are possible for it right now without any third-party optimization

The Xbox Series X and Series S will go on sale worldwide on November 10, and pre-orders for the consoles will start on September 22.

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