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Nintendo confirms that over 160,000 accounts have been illegally accessed



Nintendo celebrates its 131st anniversary

Earlier this week, the users of Nintendo Switch reported that their accounts had been hacked. And today Nintendo officials have confirmed that a great number of Nintendo Network IDs and accounts have been illegally accessed.

According to Nintendo officials, over 160,000 Nintendo Switch had been hacked. Here is the official message. Thanks, Sephazon to translate the note in English.

Nintendo Co. Ltd. Friday, April 24th, 2020 Dear customers,

This message is regarding the reports of unauthorized Nintendo Account access, we would like to inform you on how to secure your Nintendo Account and reset your password and information. We thank you for your continued support of our products.

Recently it has come to our attention that login IDs and passwords have been obtained illegally by sources outside our service, to impersonate users to access Nintendo Network ID since the beginning of April. We can confirm these actions have occurred. We can also confirm that there was illegal access to such accounts through the Nintendo Network ID system.

Due to this, as of today, users cannot log into their Nintendo account via Nintendo Network ID. Furthermore, all passwords will be reset for Nintendo Network IDs and all other Nintendo accounts that may have been illegally accessed.

Nintendo has shared what information may have been viewed by the attackers. They add that individual credit card information was NOT accessed.

Nintendo details their next course of action and requests password resets. They are also offering order cancelations on unauthorized purchases.

A few weeks ago, the company released a note that advised its customer to set a 2-step verification method.


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