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Nintendo Switch Online Accounts Have Been Hacked Tonight, Says Report



Nintendo Switch Online Accounts have been hacked tonight, says report

According to some reports, most Nintendo Switch online accounts have been hacked tonight.

The first report comes from Source gaming which says

There’s potentially some dodgy things happening with Switch Online log-ins. We advise checking the link below to see if your account has been accessed in anyway unbeknownst to you and to enable 2FA from the same site.

After the report, a user suggests checking whether your Nintendo Switch account is hacked or not.

If you guys want to find out if your account has been compromised, go here: Also enable 2FA on the same site while you can.

then a writer at lootPots appeared.

I suspect Nintendo may have had a major security breach. My account was accessed numerous times overnight. My password is a unique string and my PC is definitely clean (not that I ever login via it). Lots of similar reports on Reddit/twitter. Unlink PayPal & enable 2FA folks!

After all, we would advise you kindly change your password right now and enable the 2-step verification method which Nintendo advised us to use. This method will secure your Nintendo Switch.

Keep in mind, we have already informed you that hackers are active nowadays and trying to access your PayPal accounts.

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