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Nintendo Switch game Ring Fit Adventure is selling at twice its retail price in China



Ring fit Adventure is coming back in stock soon, confirmed by the officials

Demand for Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch has increased in China and Ring Fit Adventure is being sold at twice its retail price. While priced at US$79.99 (559 yuan) in the US, merchants on Taobao and can be found selling the game for about 1,200 yuan (US$170). It must be noted here that Nintendo has not officially launched Ring Fit Adventure in China.

The reason why they are selling Ring Fit Adventure is hidden. We knew all about it when some social media users appeared playing this exercise game. No doubt, Demand for Ring Fit Adventure is increasing all around the world because it has become a good source of losing weight. As we informed you Ring Fit Adventure outsold Pokemon Sword/shield in Japan last week.

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