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Ring Fit Adventure outsells Pokemon sword/shield in Japan



Ring fit Adventure is coming back in stock soon, confirmed by the officials

No doubt, People around the world are getting benefits from Nintendo switch game Ring Fit Adventure. It has become a great source of losing weight. The WWE superstars are also engaged in playing Ring Fit Adventure. Well, Today we are going to inform you how Ring Fit Adventure is performing in Japan. It will be surprising news for you that the game has outsold Pokemon sword/shield in Japan. Specifically, thanks to the 39,217 units sold this week, the game already accumulates sales of 622,646 in Japan.

Pokemon sword/shield has been defeating many titles in Japan since they released for the Nintendo switch. These titles have outperformed Pokemon Sun and Moon in Japan. Furthermore, Pokemon sword was the best-selling game of 2019 in Japan, reported by a Famous Japanese retailer.

According to the sales data received from Japan as of last week, Ring Fit Adventure seems to outsell Pokemon Sword/shield in Japan.

If you’re fatty and want to look smart, then you must buy this game. We assure you, you will surprise to see the result if you play it at least 4 hours a day. Check out this boy’s transformation below.

He played Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure for 30 days continuously and got astonished when he saw himself in the mirror. This is the reason People are buying Nintendo Switch game ring fit Adventure all over the world. And this is why the game has outsold Pokemon Sword and shield in Japan. Keep in mind, In total Ring Fit has sold over 600k copies in Japan. Pokemon Sword and shield has sold over 3 million copies in Japan.

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