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One Piece Odyssey: Fight Mechanics



One Piece Odyssey: Fight Mechanics

One Piece Odyssey takes place on the Mysterious Island with a lot of new monsters and creatures. Players will get to fight different types of monsters on the planet and the fighting mechanics in the game will allow players to choose between characters as well as their Attacks and Skills.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how Fight Mechanics work in One Piece Odyssey.

Basic Fight Mechanics

One Piece Odyssey has a turn base fighting mechanics. Players will get to attack the enemies on their turn. All the characters in the game have their own Attack Moves from which players will be able to choose.

As the fight starts, players will get to attack first at the enemies and they will be able to switch to all the characters in the fight. All the characters have their own Attack Power so, it is useful to learn which character does more damage. At the start of the game, Luffy and Sanji do the most damage with their Attack Moves.

Use Skills and Items

Every Character has its own unique Skills as well that players can use during the fight. Using the Skill Attacks will consume TP which are the Tension Points. Every Skill uses a different amount of Tension Points and some Skill Attacks also restore a certain amount of Tension Points. All the Skills which consume a higher amount of TP will also deal more damage to the enemies. To use the Skill, players can use the directional key to select the Skills section of the character and then select one of the skills.

The Items can also be used during the fights. Players can find different types of items during the gameplay and they can be used by any character during the fight. All the items are used for a certain purpose and if you want to get a buff or a heal and you have a particular item, then you can use it by using the directional keys to select the Items section and then select the item you want to use. After selecting the item, you will get to choose whether you want to use it on your current character or any other character in the fight.

Other than that, the fight mechanics are pretty basic and players will have to defeat the monsters and bosses in the turn base fighting mechanic.

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