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One Piece Odyssey: How to Get Energy Apple



Where to Find Energy Apple

One Piece Odyssey is a Role-Playing Video Game that takes place on an island named Mysterious Island. Players will get to meet new characters from different areas of the Island and get to fight new monsters and creatures. Players will find different kinds of items on the Mysterious Island and one of the useable items that players find early in the game is Energy Apple.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Energy Apple in One Piece Odyssey.

Energy Apple

Energy Apple is a Useable Item that can be used by any playable character of the game. Use of Energy Apple is to gain some Vitality that restores 500 HP. Players can use the item by opening the menu and going into the “Items” tab. Energy Apple can be found in the Useable category of the Items. Select the Energy Apple and then confirm it to use it on the character that you are playing or any other character.

Where to Find Energy Apple

Energy Apple can be found in a lot of places on the Mysterious Islands. Mostly you will find it from the ground or there is also a chance to get it from the enemies as well. All the Items that you can grab are shining so look for the Shining Items on the ground to find the Energy Apple.

The First Energy Item that you will find in the game will be near the temple at the start of the game. You will see a shining Item on the ground and when you pick it up, it will be the Energy Apple. You can also find items from breaking the Jars, Boxes, and Barrels. However, you will mostly find Material Items from breaking the items that can be used in some sort of recipes later in the game.

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