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One Piece Odyssey: How to Change the Outfits of Characters



One Piece Odyssey: How to Change the Outfits of Characters

One Piece Odyssey is an RPG with a lot of in-game mechanics that players can use. Players can craft different types of trick balls, cook different recipes for certain buffs, and even change the outfits of the characters. All the characters will start with their original outfits and as players progress through the game, they will unlock different outfits for the characters.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to change the outfits of characters in One Piece Odyssey.

Changing the Outfits of the Characters

Players will get different outfits for completing a main quest or completing an Episode of the game. The Outfits are stored in the Important Category of the Items. Players can change their outfits by either going to a Tavern in any town or starting the camping by interacting with the Campfire.

Both of these methods require some progression in the game. A campfire can be found in the first chapter outside of Adio’s house. Players can also go to a Tavern to change their outfits. While going into a Tavern, you need to interact with the shopkeeper and you will get the option to change your outfits. Select the option to view all the outfits you have and then select the outfits for your character you want to choose and they will be applied to your character.

For the Campfire, you need to start the campfire by interacting with one, and then you need to find the blue tent around the campfire. Go near the blue tent to view the option of changing the outfit. Accept the option and then go through the outfits you have and apply them to your character.

All the changed outfits will be applied instantly and you will be able to see your characters in your chosen outfits.

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