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One Piece Odyssey: How to Unlock Crabby Port Fast Travel



One Piece Odyssey: How to Unlock Crabby Port Fast Travel

One Piece Odyssey is an RPG action-adventure game in which players will get to explore the Mysterious Island. There are many different areas that players will go into as they progress through the main quests of the episodes. Since the world map of One Piece Odyssey is pretty big, players will find it boring running all around the map. Luckily, there is a Fast Travel mechanic in the game but this cannot be unlocked from the start of the game and it does require progression in the main story.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to unlock Crabby Port Fast Travel in One Piece Odyssey.

Unlocking Crabby Port Fast Travel

Crabby Port Fast Travel is for fast traveling in the Desert regions of the map. Players will be able to interact with the Crab Signs which are the Crabby Port signs and then ride on Lil Mover (Giant Crab) to move around quicker in the Desert.

Unlocking Crabby Port Fast Travel requires players to progress in the main story quests of chapter 2 until they reach the Great Sandy Desert. From there, they will get to meet Yosai and unlock Yosai Sign Board Fast Travel. After unlocking Yosai Fast Travel, you will have to go to the Northern Cave in the North of the Great Sandy Desert.

Complete the main quests and when you get out of the Northern Cave, you will get to meet Lil Mover (Giant Crab). You will have to talk to him so he can let you cross the bridge and after that, you will get a new objective in which you have to go to the Southeast side of the Great Sandy Desert. Make your way to the objective point by following the Red Marker on the map.

Once you have reached there, Chopper will come riding on Lil Mover and you will unlock the Crabby Port Signs for fast traveling across the Desert.

Use Crabby Port Fast Travel

To use Crabby Port Fast Traveling, you will have to interact with the Crabby Port sign in the desert and a map will open with all the discovered Crabby Port Signs. You need to select any one of the Crabby Port signs to fast travel.

Selecting a fast travel point will make all the characters ride Lil Mover and he will quickly make his way to the fast travel point.

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