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One Piece Odyssey: How to Get to Lake Shore Cave



Getting to Lake Shore Cave

One Piece Odyssey is an RPG action-adventure game that takes place on an island named “Mysterious Island”. Players will get to meet new characters from different areas of the island as they progress through the main story. Players will have to complete the main story quests to progress ahead in the game and one of the early quests that you will get to complete is to get to Lake Shore Cave to find the Cube to restore Strength.

In this Guide, we’ll tell you how to get to Lake Shore Cave in One Piece Odyssey.

Getting to Lake Shore Cave

Lim has taken away the Strength of all the pirate characters and they cannot seem to use their abilities. Lim has turned all of their abilities into small cubes and now, they are all spread across the Mysterious Island. Adio is a friend of Lim and he will decide to help the Pirate Characters in getting their abilities back.

Adio will tell them to go to Lake Shore Cave to find one of the Cube. To get to the Lake Shore Cave, players will have to go on the path that goes to the north side of Adio’s House. Go through the Path to reach the “Path to Inland Sea” location. Go straight through the path to reach another location named “Circular Inland Sea”.

You will get to fight a couple of Eisas and a Sazae Kancho monster on the way to the Lake Shore Cave. Defeat the enemies and stay on the path that leads to the cave ahead. Follow the Red Marker on the Mini-Map to reach the Lake Shore Cave in the Circular Inland Sea location.

After you have reached the Lake Shore Cave, the next quest will start in which you have to find the cube to restore strength of the Pirate Characters.

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