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One Piece Odyssey: How to Defeat Death Squirrel



One Piece Odyssey: How to Defeat Death Squirrel

One Piece Odyssey is a Role-Playing game that takes place on a Mysterious Island. The Island is filled with different types of monsters and creatures that players will get to fight as they progress through the story as well as explore the island. One of the early bosses that you will get to fight is a Death Squirrel. It will engage you inside the Lake Shore Cave along with other small enemies.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to defeat Death Squirrel in One Piece Odyssey.

Defeating Death Squirrel

Death Squirrel will come in the way of pirate characters and the cube in the Lake Shore Cave. Players will have to fight Death Squirrel along with a couple of Eisa enemies and Bronze Bat enemies. Since the characters have lost their strengths, there will not be any Skill that characters can use during the battle. Players will only have to defeat the Death Squirrel and the rest of the enemies by hitting them with normal attacks.

You can follow the following steps to defeat Death Squirrel without taking much damage.

  • Luffy will be focused on Eisa enemies and Zoro will be focused on Bronze Bat’s enemies. Luffy has an advantage against Eisa due to the Power element so you will be doing a decent amount of damage to them. Whereas, Zoro will do less damage to Bronze Bat enemies.
  • You can assist Zoro with Usopp character. When you get the turn, switch to Zoro and accept his attack and then change the enemy to Bronze Bat to assist Zoro. Usopp can take down a Bronze Bat in a couple of hits.
  • You also want to attack Death Squirrel with Usopp because he has the highest damage against Death Squirrel than the Chopper. Usopp can hit Death Squirrel and Death Squirrel will be focused on Chopper.
  • Chopper has a defensive advantage against Death Squirrel so he will not take much damage.
  • Luffy punching attack can Knock Back Eisa enemies that can take down both of the Eisas.

Other than that, the fight is pretty straightforward, you will still come out as victorious if you just press the confirm key throughout the whole fight but then you will have to use more healing items to heal all the characters.

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