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P. T. supports backward compatibility with PS5, but you can’t run the game “by the publisher’s decision



P. T. supports backward compatibility with PS5, but you can't run the game "by the publisher's decision

Launch a playable teaser of the canceled Silent Hills on the next-generation console was tried by many journalists and bloggers who tested the PlayStation 5 and the backward compatibility feature on the console. And, as some of them reported, initially P. T. could really be started after transferring all the data to an external drive. However, this opportunity soon disappeared.

Among others, this was noticed by the host of the YouTube channel Next Gen Base, as well as the browser of the Polygon portal. When they tried to launch the game for the first time at the end of October, it worked properly, but this opportunity soon disappeared.

At the end of the embargo on PS5 reviews, the game cannot be launched, and it is marked as “Playable on PS4” in the library. Even restoring the console to factory settings doesn’t change the situation.

Apparently,” disable,” the ability to run P. T. on the PlayStation 5 asked the publisher Konami: at least, this is indicated by the official comment of Sony. Representatives of the company confirmed to Polygon that the change to support backward compatibility of a teaser is “a publisher decision”.

Previously, Konami has stated that P. T. will not be available for backward compatibility on PS5, but the wording was unclear, let me run the game from an external drive.

P. T. is a playable teaser for the Silent Hills horror film that Metal Gear and Death Stranding Creator Hideo Kojima and film Director Guillermo del Toro worked on. The demo was released in the PS Store in 2014, but after the cancellation of Silent Hills in 2015, the game was removed from the store. After that, only those who did not delete it from their console could play it.

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