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Pacific Drive: How to Get Gear



Pacific Drive: Gear

The apocalyptic region of the Pacific Northwest is filled with various resources that are essential for survival and eventually your escape. Throughout the journey, it is crucial to stack up on the resources as you can use them to craft essential items, repair your vehicle, and customize it. Along with the resources that are obtained by scavenging and looting the containers, there are also refined materials in Pacific Drive and one of the crucial ones that is needed to get an Impact Hammer is Gear.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Gear in Pacific Drive.

How to Get Gear in Pacific Drive

The Gear is one of the refined materials in Pacific Drive which can be obtained by scavenging the Scrap Metal at a workbench. Additionally, it can also be obtained by tearing the abandoned cars and looting the Friendly Dumpsters and Civilian Containers but the spawn rate is quite lower. The best method to get Gears is by crafting them at the Workbench. However, before players get to craft it, they will first have to get its blueprint which can be found at Oppy’s Auto Shop.

Once you have the blueprint for Gear, access the workbench, and scroll down to the bottom of the crafting recipes to find the recipe for Gear. It will require 3x Scrap Metal to craft 1x Gear. The Scrap Metal is one of the easiest resources to get so, it will not be a problem to gather the required resources to craft the Gear. As Scrap Metal is mostly obtained from tearing abandoned cars using the Scrapper, there is also a rare drop of Gear from tearing the parts of the car.

Furthermore, while exploring the world, make sure to loot every Friendly Dumpster and Containers to have a chance of getting Gear. The ARDA Containers have more possibility of dropping the Gears than the Civilian Containers so, if you come across any ARDA Container, make sure to loot it.

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