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Pacific Drive: How to Get Scrap Metal



Pacific Drive: Scrap Metal

The apocalyptic region of the Pacific Northwest is filled with various resources that are essential for survival and eventually your escape. Throughout the journey, it is crucial to stack up on the resources as you can use them to craft essential items, repair your vehicle, and customize it. One of the resources required for various crafting recipes is Scrap Metal.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Scrap Metal in Pacific Drive.

How to Get Scrap Metal in Pacific Drive

Scrap Metal is one of the common resources in Pacific Drive that can be obtained by various means. One of the easiest ways to get a decent amount of Scrap Metal is by shredding the abandoned cars found on the roads or around the buildings. To shred the abandoned cars, players will first have to get the Scrapper. The Scrapper is an essential tool of survival in Pacific Drive and it will allow you to tear the cars into pieces and provide you with various essential resources including Metal Scrap.

Upon getting the Scrapper, equip it and use it while hovering over the different parts of the car like doors, trunk, hood, and tires to tear them and get resources. Additionally, you can also get the Metal Scrap by looting the Friendly Dumpsters found at the backside of various buildings like Auto Shops. Interacting with the dumpster will drop a few items and hopefully a few Metal Scraps but it is not always certain that you will get Metal Scraps from it.

Furthermore, the Civilian containers found inside the buildings also have a spawn of Metal Scrap so if you come across any container, make sure to loot it. There is a possibility that the containers you come across might be locked which will require you to pry them open for which you will have to use the Prybar.

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