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Pacific Drive: How to Get Impact Hammer



Pacific Drive: Impact Hammer

There are various tools in Pacific Drive that will help you get through the supernatural Pacific Northwest region. The region has not been the same since the apocalyptic events and the only way to find an exit is by traversing using the vehicle which you will be required to repair and customize using several resources. However, resources are obtained through various means and tools and one of the initial essential tools is an Impact Hammer which will allow you to smash the heavy machinery to gather resources like Plasma.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get an Impact Hammer in Pacific Drive.

How to Get Impact Hammer in Pacific Drive

Impact Hammer is obtained by crafting it at the workbench using the required resources. However, before players will get to craft it, they will first have to get its blueprint. The blueprint for the Impact Hammer can be found at Oppy’s Auto Shop which players will be able to reach in a car with a flat tire earlier in the game.

From here, players will have to first complete a set of objectives which will include repairing the vehicle and changing the flat tire, and then they will get the objective of acquiring the blueprints one of which will be for Impact Hammer. Once you have the blueprint, the recipe for Impact Hammer will be available at the Workbench which you will be able to access at the Auto Shop or from the trunk of your car. Access the Workbench and scroll down a bit to find the recipe for Impact Hammer and then craft it by holding the X/A button using the required resources which are the following.

Scrap Metal and Gear are easy to obtain but for the Gas Cylinder, players will have to search the ARDA Containers. Search the buildings around the Plasma Generator to come across a container that will hold a Gas Cylinder inside a cabinet. After getting all the required resources, you will be able to craft it and pursue the main journey.

However, using the Impact Hammer will decrease its durability and once it reaches zero, players will have to craft it again to gather certain resources that are obtained from using the hammer.

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