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Pacific Drive: How to Get Scrapper



Pacific Drive: Scrapper

There are various tools in Pacific Drive that will help you get through the supernatural Pacific Northwest region. The region has not been the same since the apocalyptic events and the only way to find an exit is by traversing using the vehicle which you will be required to repair and customize using several resources. However, resources are obtained through various means and tools and one of the initial essential tools is a Scrapper which will allow you to shred abandoned cars and turn them into crucial resources like Scrap Metal, Rubber, Plastic, and many more.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get a Scrapper in Pacific Drive.

How to Get Scrapper in Pacific Drive

The Scrapper is one of the initial tools that players will be able to find in a Friendly Dumpster at the backside of an Auto Shop. Players will be able to reach the Auto Shop by driving through the Olympic Peninsula to get sucked into an unnatural event and then find a damaged vehicle which they will be able to drive to Oppy’s Auto Shop. As players drive the car inside the Auto Shop, they will find a dumpster at the backside of the shop. Interacting with it will glare up the dumpster and drop a Scrapper along with a few essential items.

Additionally, the Scrapper can also be obtained by crafting at a workbench. The workbenches are found in the Auto Shops as well as can be accessed by Craft Mat from the trunk of the vehicle. Interact with the Workbench to view all the available crafting recipes and find the Scrapper. It will require the following resources to craft a Tier 1 Scrapper.

  • 3x Scrap Metal
  • 6x Plastic

The Tier 1 Scrapper has a durability of 860 which will gradually decrease as you shred the cars into pieces. Once the durability of the Scrapper reaches zero, it will break and require you to get another one to keep tearing the cars for resources. So, while exploring the world, make sure to search the abandoned buildings especially, the Friendly Dumpsters as they have a spawn of Scrapper inside them or you can use the required resources to craft it on the go.

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