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Palia: A Catalyzing Caper – Quest Walkthrough



Palia: A Catalyzing Caper – Quest Walkthrough

A Catalyzing Caper is one of the new quests that players will get to complete once they have completed the Pulmehound Pilgrimage quest for Hassian. We will be covering the A Catalyzing Caper quest for Hassian in Palia.

A Catalyzing Caper – Walkthrough

Once you have completed the quest by fixing the Flow Battery and talking to Sifuu, the A Catalyzing Caper quest will start automatically. You need to make your way to the Temple of the Flames that you found by following Tau’s trail in the Pulmehound Pilgrimage quest. Once there, you need to talk to Hassian.

Solve the Puzzle to Open the Door

Hassian will tell you that Tau has gone ahead and the door closed behind him. You will have to solve the puzzle to open the door in the Temple of the Flames. Equip your bow and shoot the following symbols beneath the fire cauldrons on both sides of the path:

  • 1st symbol from the right side.
  • 2nd symbol from the left side.
  • 3rd symbol from the right side.

These symbols will also be marked on the walls in order, so you will have to shoot them in the correct order to open the door.

Explore the Temple

Once you have opened the door, go towards the right side and make your way into the first chamber on the right side.

NOTE: If you can’t enter the chamber, restart your game and you will be able to go in.

Investigate the Mysterious Mural

As you enter the chamber, you will see a mysterious mural and a lit-up cauldron. You will need Sifuu’s Torch to interact with the lit-up cauldron. Talk to Sifuu and go through the dialogue to get the torch. Now, interact with the cauldron to light up the torch and then interact with the light brazier on the left side of the mural. It will open the path to a maze.

Complete the Maze

As you enter the room, you will get to complete the maze in the Temple of the Flames. There are three mazes in total that you need to complete. For each maze, you will have to light up Sifuu’s Torch from the lit-up cauldron somewhere in the maze and use it on the mural at the end of the maze to complete the maze.

Talk with Hassian

Once you have completed all three mazes, you need to go out of the chamber and back to the main area of the temple. Hassian will be waiting for you in front of the final chamber at the end of the path. Go to Hassian and talk to him.

Open the Final Chamber

To get inside the final chamber, you will have to figure out how to open the final chamber in the Temple of the Flames.

Find a Way Across the Lava to Tau

After opening the chamber, go inside it and you will see Tau on the other side of the lava. To get to Tau, you need to simply walk to him. There will be an invisible bridge that you can cross to get to Tau.

Palia: A Catalyzing Caper – Quest Walkthrough

Solve the Mural Puzzle

As you reach Tau, you will see the Ancient Rock Garden and a giant mural in front. You need to solve the mural puzzle by shaping it correctly to make Kitsuu on the mural.

Talk with Hassian

After solving the mural puzzle, talk to Hassian for the last time to conclude the quest.


Completing the A Catalyzing Caper quest will earn players the following rewards:

  • 30 Renown
  • 5 Friendship Points with Hassian
  • 5 Friendship Points with Tau

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