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Palia: Fit For A Watcher Quest Walkthrough



Palia: Fit for a watcher

Fit For A Watcher quest is a limited-time quest in Palia that requires you to design The Order furniture set for the welcoming arrival of Subira. Subira is the new villager who is a member of the Order sent to the Palian World for investigation of mystical happenings. Villagers of the Palian World decided to welcome her warmly but they need your help with building the furniture set.

In this guide, we’ll be covering the Fit for a Watcher quest in Palia.

Fit For A Watcher Quest – All Objectives

Fit for a Watcher quest has the following required objectives to be completed.

  • Talk to Tish
  • Craft an Investigator Banner
  • Craft an Investigator Chair
  • Craft an Investigator Desk
  • Craft an Investigator Bed
  • Return to Tish

Before you get to complete any of these objectives, you will first have to accept the quest.

Fir For A Watcher Quest – Walkthrough

To begin the Fit for a Watcher quest, you need to talk to Eshe. However, the quest will not trigger until you have completed the citizenship quests for Eshe which involves the completion of Prove Your Devotion, Prove Your Purpose, and Prove Your Generosity. Once you have completed these quests, talking to Eshe will trigger the Fit for a Watcher quest.

Upon getting the quest, open the map to find Tish and talk to her to get the recipes for the furniture set that you need to craft. Now, return to your plot area and interact with the Worktable to find the furniture set recipes under the ‘All’ tab. The materials required to craft the furniture set are the following.

  • Investigator Banner: 6x Silk, 1x Palium Bar, 6x Plant Fiber, 2x Dragon’s Beard Peat
  • Investigator Armchair: 15x Flow-Infused Plank, 2x Palium Bar, 4x Silk, 2x Dragon’s Beard Peat
  • Investigator Desk: 20x Flow-Infused Plank, 4x Palium Bar, 1x Leather, 1x Glass Bulb
  • Investigator Bed: 30x Flow-Infused Plank, 4x Palium Bar, 10x Silk, 3x Dragon’s Beard Peat

After crafting all four required furniture items, go back to Tish to give her the crafted furniture set. Go through the dialogues to complete the quest and the next limited-time will be accepted automatically for which you have to help Reth in preparing the recipes.

Rewards for Completing Fit For A Watcher Quest

Completing the Fit for a Watcher quest will reward you with the following items.

  • 25 Renown
  • 5,000 Gold
  • Recipe:1x Investigator End Table
  • Recipe:1x Investigator Sideboard

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