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Palia: How to Complete Keeper of Gales Quest | Code for Aeroflow



Palia: How to Complete Keeper of Gales Quest | Code for Aeroflow

The latest patch of Palia introduces a new temple called Temple of the Roots available for players to explore and unveil its secrets. However, accessing the new temple will require players to override three security protocols at the respective stations. Players will be able to find the station by pursuing the respective quests.

For the third station, Aeroflow, players will have to initiate the Keeper of Gales quest by speaking with Einar. This quest will only trigger if players have completed the Eye of the Storm quest tied to the progression of Temple of the Gales. This guide will cover the walkthrough of the Keeper of Gales quest showing you the needed code to activate the mysterious device in Aeroflow Station.

How to Complete Keeper of Gales Quest in Palia

As mentioned earlier in this guide, the Keeper of Gales quest is given by Einar by speaking with him, and upon speaking with him, you will also get the Keeper of Waves and Keeper of Flames quests which are necessary for getting access to the Temple of the Roots. After getting the quest, you will have to ask around the village about the entrance to the Aeroflow station.

To get the location of the Aeroflow station, you need to speak with Caleri. Open the map to find where she is and then make your way to her to speak with her regarding the Aeroflow station. Once you have spoken to her, the location for Aeroflow will be marked on your map.

It will be inside the mines east of Hideaway Bluffs in Bahari Bay. Enter the mine from the east entrance and keep following the path until you reach the dead end. Now, look to the right side to find the secret passage. Enter it and you will have to climb the wall to go ahead and find the entrance to the station.

Once you have reached the station location, enter inside and there will be three different notes that you need to read to get the code for accessing the Mysterious Device and using it to override the protocol. The notes that you can find are “Save The Phoenix” (on the table left side of the device), Social Studies (also on the table on the left side), and Look to the Capitals (on the table on the right side).

Code for Mysterious Device in Aeroflow

Reading the notes can help you identify the code to access the Mysterious Device but if you are struggling then go ahead and enter the “ACER” code letter by letter. Once you are logged in successfully, select the [Garden Lockdown Protocol] and disengage it.

It will override the third and final security protocol from the temple and concludes the Keeper of Gales quest which will reward you with 10 Renown Points.

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