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Palia: How to Complete the A Bouquet of Sunshine Quest



Palia - A Bouquet of Sunshine

A Bouquet of Sunshine is a friendship quest for Ashura that players will get to pursue once they have reached Friendship Level 2 with him. Players can find Ashura at the Inn in the Kilima Village and can increase their Friendship Level with him by giving their favorite gift or talking daily. Upon reaching the required level, they will be able to start Ashura’s friendship quest which will require them to visit Ashura’s Wife’s grave and leave a bouquet on her grave.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the A Bouquet of Sunshine quest in Palia.

How to Complete the A Bouquet of Sunshine Quest in Palia

Starting the A Bouquet of Sunshine quest will give the objective of gathering the Sundrop Lily flowers as they are the favorite flowers of Sabine and can be found throughout the Kilima Valley map zone. One of the best spots to harvest the Sundrop Lily flowers is just west of Leafhopper Hills. It is an open area with various kinds of flowers and you need to gather 5 of them.

Explore the area to gather the 5 Sundrop Lily flowers and then you will get the next objective to bring the flowers to Sabine’s remembrance site which is her grave. Sabine’s Grave is located in the Remembrance Garden located on the southwest side of the map.

Go up the staircase to reach the remembrance site and if you look to the right side as you reach the altar, you will find a bowl on the ground. Go near it and press the F button to drop the gathered flowers on Sabine’s grave. Now, make your way back to Ashura at the Inn and talk to him to conclude the quest.


Completing the A Bouquet of Sunshine will give the following rewards to the players.

  • 20 Renown
  • Friendship Improved with Ashura
  • 100x Sapwood
  • 100x Heartwood

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