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Palia: How to Complete the Masks Quest



Palia - Masks Quest

Palia offers various kinds of quests for players to complete to either learn about the ancient humans or the background of the characters. These quests are either the main story quests or the Friendship Quests for the villagers but players can also find the hidden quests that shine further light on the incidents that took place in the past. One of the hidden quests that players can find is ‘Masks’ which will require players to learn about the masks and what were they used for.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Masks Quest in Palia.

Starting the Masks Quest in Palia

As the ‘Masks’ quest is a hidden quest and not assigned by any villager, players will automatically start the quest by finding the Bird Mask in their plot area. The plot area assigned to every player can be utilized in any means they see fit and if players choose to till the soil of the plot area, they will have a chance of finding the Bird Mask.

There is no accurate location for finding the Bird Mask as it appears randomly at any time while tilling the soil. If you are punctual in farming and taking care of your crops, then you might have a high chance of finding the Bird Mask quickly.

Completing the Masks Quest in Palia

Upon starting the ‘Masks’ quest, you need to talk to Jina about the Bird Mask that you found in your plot area. She will tell you to gather more evidence regarding the mask as it could have been used in human religious ceremonies in the past.

After talking to Jina, you need to gather four more masks scattered around the Kilima Valley. The location of each mask is listed below.

  • Lizard Mask: North of Remembrance Garden.
  • Insect Mask: West of the Whispering Banks fast travel point.
  • Kitsuu Mask: East of Mirror Pond Ruins.
  • Humanoid Mask: On the Cliff beside the stairs that overlook the Water Temple.

Talk to Jina after finding all the Masks and then go to the Ancient Library inside the Mirror Pond Ruins. As you enter the ruins, you need to turn right twice while going ahead to enter the library and the blue book will be placed on top of the first bookshelf on the right side of the entrance of the library.

Interact with the book to learn about the history of the masks and then navigate back to Jina to tell her about the Masks to conclude the quest. Completing this quest will reward players with Ancient Pottery, a decorative furniture item.

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