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Palia: How to Get the Mushroom Glider



Palia - Mushroom Glider

Mushroom Glider is one of the free rewards that Palia is offering for the players on the Nintendo Switch to claim by linking their existing Palia account with the Nintendo Switch account. It is a permanent Glider skin that will remain in the players’ collection and can be changed anytime from the customization menu.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can link up your accounts to get the Mushroom Glider.

How to Get the Mushroom Glider in Palia

The major requirement for receiving the reward of Mushroom Glider is to link up the Palia and the Nintendo Switch accounts. To link the accounts, you must first have a Palia account that can be created by two methods – the Palia’s Sign Up Page or the Log-in Screen on Nintendo Switch. Choose whatever method you see fit and upon creating the account, you need to enter the credentials of your Palia account on the log-in screen of the game on Nintendo Switch.

Once signed in successfully, you will get the option to link your account with the current User Profile of Nintendo. Proceed with the linking of your account and your profile will be successfully linked. However, keep in mind that you can only link one Palia account per User Profile to be eligible for claiming the reward.

You cannot link multiple Palia accounts to a single User Profile and if you happen to have multiple accounts, then you would have to make more User Profiles on Nintendo to claim the reward for every account.

How to Claim the Mushroom Glider Reward

Upon linking the Palia account successfully with the Nintendo Switch account, the Mushroom Glider will be sent to the ‘News’ tab of your inventory. Open the inventory and navigate to the ‘News’ tab to find the ‘Gift for you’ message. Once you have found the message, open it and then select the ‘Claim’ option by pressing the A button.

Since it is a Glider tool that unlocks via progressing in the main story, players must first unlock the Glider to equip the Mushroom Glider skin.

Is Mushroom Glider Reward Time-Limited?

No, the Mushroom Glider reward is not time-limited and you can claim it at any time. This reward was issued by Palia on December 14, 2023, at 8:00 AM PT and be available for players for the foreseeable future.

However, The Leapfroggy Outfit is a time-limited reward that was issued at the same time as the Mushroom Glider. Make sure to claim the outfit as well before it gets removed.

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