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Palia: How to Complete the Whale of a Tale Quest



Palia - Whale of a Tale quest

The Whale of a Tale is a hidden quest that is started after bringing Jina a Bone Fragment quest item. The Bone Fragment can only be found by fishing in the Ocean over on the eastern edge of Bahari Bay and it will start a related quest named ‘No Bones About it’ which only requires bringing the Bone Fragment to Jina for investigation. Doing so will change the quest into the Whale of a Tale which requires you to gather more Bone Fragments.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Whale of a Tale quest in Palia.

How to Complete the Whale of a Tale Quest in Palia

As you bring the first Bone Fragment to Jina to get the Whale of a Tae quest, Jina will ask you to bring another Bone Fragment. The next Bone Fragment is also found in the same spot, the ocean in Bahari Bay. Go over to the eastern edge to reach the ocean, equip your fishing rod with no Bait, and cast the line into the ocean.

Wait for something to latch on to the bobber and fish it out. If it is a treasure chest then there is a high chance that you get a Bone Fragment otherwise you can catch a common fish from these waters. Upon finding the next Bone Fragment, go back to Jina and show her the Bone Fragment. She will ask you to find another Bone Fragment.

Now, you need to repeat the same process 3 times. Every time you catch a Bone Fragment from the ocean and show it to Jina, she will tell you to gather another one. Once you have brought 5 Bone Fragments in total to Jina, including the starting Bone Fragment that starts the ‘No Bones About It’ quest, the quest will be concluded.


Completing the Whale of a Tale quest will give the following rewards to the players.

  • 25 Renown
  • Sketch of a Whale (Through the Mail Box)

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