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Palia: How to Complete the Proof of Magic Quest



Palia: Proof of Magic

Proof of Magic is one of the main quests related to the latest temple, Temple of the Gales. As players reach the Temple of the Gales and open the main door by solving the Egg Puzzle, they will unlock the ‘Proof of Magic’ quest either by talking to Elouisa or Caleri. Both of the NPCs will require you to bring at least 4 Silverwing Study to either of them and it is not necessary to give both NPCs to complete the quest.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the Proof of Magic quest in Palia.

How to Complete the Proof of Magic Quest in Palia

Start the quest by talking to Elouisa or Caleri at the Temple of the Gales and you can talk to both of them to learn about the evidence they require. After accepting the quest and learning about the required evidence, you need to find that evidence scattered around the islands in the temple and give it to the respective NPC.

There are 8 evidence in total in the shape of Tablets that can be found around the temple from which 4 of them are for Elouisa and 4 of them are for Caleri. We have mentioned the evidence and location of each tablet.

Evidence for Elouisa

  • Study 125 – Size: Close to the highest fishing spot on Fish Island.
  • Study 380 – Habitat: In the circular room midway up the Fish Island path.
  • Study 487 – Feathers: On top of the windmill on Bug Island.
  • Study 500 – Goldwing: Found on the lower ring tier of the last island.

Evidence for Caleri

  • Study 399 – Vocalization: Located midway on the back side of Bug Island.
  • Study 411 – Eggs: Stump close to the large nest on the main island.
  • Study 425 – Strength: Approximately halfway up the front side along the path on Bug Island.
  • Study 450 – Flocks: On the steps of the square building located on top of the main island.

Upon gathering 4 tablets for either Elouisa or Caleri, go back to them and talk to them to hand over the evidence and complete the quest.


Completing the Proof of Magic quest will give the following items as a reward.

  • 15 Renown
  • 1x Ancient Cloudminnow (Elousia)
  • 1x Ancient Flowbug (Caleri)

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