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Palia: How to Get All Tools



Palia: How to get All Tools

Palia is a new MMO Simulation game that has been released for Nintendo Switch. As it is a simulation game, players can expect farming, fishing, cooking, and other simulation activities from Palia. However, to do certain activities, players will be required to get the tools for each activity.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get All Tools in Palia.

All Tools in Palia

There are 7 tools in Palia that players can get pretty early on in the game and each tool is used for specific activity.

  1. Axe: Foraging
  2. Pickaxe: Mining
  3. Fishing Rod: Fishing
  4. Bow: Hunting
  5. Belt: Bug Catching
  6. Hoe: Gardening
  7. Watering Can: Gardening

How to Get All Tools in Palia

All players will start with no Tools and players will have to talk to several NPCs in Kilima Village. At the start, players will get to talk to Ashura and after that, players will go on a journey to discover various activities by talking to respective NPCs of certain Activity Guilds. To get all the tools, players would have to explore Kilima Village and talk to the following NPCs.

  • Ashura: Gives Axe
  • Hodari: Gives Pickaxe
  • Badruu: Gives Hoe on the first meet.
  • Badruu: Gives a Watering Can on the second meet.
  • Einar: Gives Fishing Rod
  • Auni: Gives Belt
  • Hassian: Gives Bow

By getting each Tool, players will be able to take part in the respective activity. To equip the Tool, players need to Hold down R Button and select the tool from the wheel. Press and Hold Left-Click Button to use the currently equipped tool.

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