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Palia: How to Get Flare Arrows



Palia: Flare Arrows

Flare Arrow is a newly added arrow type in Palia that enhances the communication between friends within Palia. Communicating with random players within the same server in Palia is very difficult and players have been using Fireworks to give away a position of useful material, a resource, a rare animal, or a Flow-Infused tree. To make things much easier, developers have added Flare Arrows that work specifically for marking areas to alert other players of finding something useful in that area.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to get Flare Arrows.

How to Get Flare Arrows in Palia

To get the Flare Arrows, you need to achieve Level 4 in the Hunting Activity. Upon reaching this milestone, you can unlock the Flare Arrow recipe from Hassian, the leader of the Hunting Guild. The recipe for the Flare Arrow is available for purchase from the Hunting Guild Store store for 500 Gold. Once you’ve gathered the required Gold, interact with Hassian and press the G Button to access his store. Locate and purchase the Flare Arrow recipe. Once acquired, you must then gather the necessary materials as outlined in the recipe to craft the Flare Arrows at the Worktable.

How to Craft Flare Arrows in Palia

Crafting the Flare Arrows will require the following materials.

Each craft of Flare Arrow will craft 5x Flare Arrows in total and you will be able to equip the Flare Arrows by pressing the RMB. Shooting the Flare Arrow will shoot a randomized color high into the sky and be visible to other players for 1 minute. Shooting another flare arrow will remove the previous active effect of the flare arrow and generate a new one.

It is a great way for random players to communicate with each other and help each other in locating various materials around the Palian World.

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