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Palia: How to Play Obstacle Course



Palia: Obstacle Course

Palia 0.170 update brings some additional features to the game and one of the experimented features that developers added is Obstacle Course. The Obstacle Course is like a parkour course set in a location named ‘The Tower’ where players have only one objective which is to go up by crossing several objects. It is like an ‘Only UP’ inspired mode in Palia.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to play Obstacle Course in Palia.

How to Play Obstacle Course in Palia

To play the Obstacle Course, you will have to go to the dream-like space called ‘The Tower’ by interacting with a specific Arcade Machine found in the Black Market. Make your way to Zeki’s Black Market and as you enter, go to the tents on the right side of the central space to find a silver Arcade Machine. Interact with the machine to go to The Tower area.

As you enter the Tower, a portal will open up for the Black Market which you can take to exit out of the Obstacle Course. Go ahead through the door of the Tower to reach the starting point of the Obstacle Course. Once you cross past the starting point, a timer will start and record the actual time of you completing the Obstacle Course. If you fall during the course, you will be teleported back to the starting point and the timer will reset.

There are several sections created with various objects that you need to cross by jumping, climbing, and gliding. Each section will test your movement skill and there are some hidden treasure chests as well that you can loot to get Zeki Coins.

The Obstacle Course is a challenging climb as we spent over an hour trying to get to the top but met our unfortunate fate every time.

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