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Palia: How to Get All Spooky Pumpkin Decors



Palia: Spooky Pumpkin Decor

It’s Halloween month and what is better than decorating your house and the plot area with some spooky pumpkin decors in Palia? The latest patch 0.170 has added 9 different Spooky Pumpkin decors that everybody can get.

In this guide, we go over all available spooky pumpkin decors and how you can get them in Palia.

How to Get All Spooky Pumpkin Decors in Palia

To get the new Spooky Pumpkin Decors, players need to buy them from the Spooky Moon Store, a newly appeared Cash Register near the fountain area in Kilima Village. The cash register is placed on the table beside barrels and boxes with a few pumpkins. Go behind Jel’s shop in Kilima Village to find the cash register and interact with it to find all 9 Spooky Pumpkin Decors for purchase. Each décor item has a certain price of Gold so, make sure that you have enough gold to get all of the items. All the items included in Spooky Pumpkin Decors are the following.

  • Spooky Pumpkin – 450 Gold
  • Spooky Jaak-O-Lantern – 720 Gold
  • Spooky Sernuk-O-Lantern – 1,200 Gold
  • Spooky Heirloom Pumpkin – 450 Gold
  • Spooky Vined Pumpkin – 450 Gold
  • Spooky Candles – 520 Gold
  • Spooky Pumpkin Stack – 3,150 Gold
  • Spooky Floating Candle – 300 Gold
  • Spooky Pumpkin Wallpaper – 2,500 Gold

Purchasing every décor item will be stored in your inventory which you can place either at your plot area or house by going into the build mode. Choose your desired locations for the items and start placing them by pressing the LMB.

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