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Palia: How to Get Palium Ores



Palia: Palium Ore

The Palian World is filled with exquisite materials and items that players can get as they explore and progress through the game. All of the items and materials in the game are of different rarity and one of the rarest materials in Palia is Palium Ore. Palium Ore is a rare material and it is mainly used in crafting the Palium Bar which is then used to craft an exquisite version of tools.

Want to know how to get Palium Ores then you are at the right place. This guide will help you in getting the Palium Ores in Palia.

How to Get Palium Ores in Palia

Palium Ores are rarer than Iron Ores and you will be able to mine them in the Bahari Bay. To mine the Palium Ores, you must get the Fine Pickaxe as the Standard Pickaxe is ineligible to mine the Palium Ores.

Once you have the Fine Pickaxe, travel to the east side of the first map zone to reach Bahari Bay. The Palium Nodes are exceptionally rare and Palium Ores are only mined from the Palium Nodes. There are several spots for Palium Nodes to spawn and you will have to go to each spot to get the maximum number of Palium Ores. As other players can also be mining for Palium Ores, there is a possibility that you will find only a few of them.

The spawn locations of Palium Nodes are the following.

  • Southwest and Northwest Mountains in the Flooded Fortress area.
  • Inside the cave in the Thorny Thicket area.
  • Inside the Pavel Mines.
  • Inside the Cave in between the Hideaway Bluffs and the Windy Ruins areas.
  • Near the landslide in the Statue Garden area.
  • Inside the Cave south of the Hideaway Bluffs.

There are other caves as well that you can visit to see if you find any Palium Nodes or not but the locations mentioned above at least have two Palium Nodes minimum for you to mine. Mining Palium Nodes can drop 1 – 9 Palium Ores depending on the size of the Palium Nodes but to get the most of the Palium Ores, mine every single Palium Node you find in the areas and caves.

That is all related to how to get Palium Ores in Palia.

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