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Palia: How to Get & Use the Snowballs



Palia - Snowballs

The Winter Update of Palia offers new content for players to explore and unravel the mysteries of a new temple, Temple of the Gales to pursue the main storyline behind the ancient humans. Alongside the main story content, the Palian World is celebrating the holiday month and offers the players to partake in the celebrations. One of the new activities related to the holiday is a snowball fight which can be done against any other player in the server.

In this guide, we’ll go over how to get and use the Snowballs in Palia.

How to Get the Snowballs in Palia

The Snowballs in Palia cannot be bought from the Winterlights Store or Zeki but they will be added to the player’s inventory upon claiming the Winterlights Snowballs from the letter sent by the developers found in the ‘News’ tab.

As players update the game to the latest version (0.175) and launch it, they will be able to claim 100 WInterlights Snowballs from the letter but unfortunately, there hasn’t been any official store or cash register where players can re-buy the snowballs. However, the WInterlights Store located in the Kilima Village does offer other Winterlights items for purchase that players can use for decoration.

How to Use and Throw the Snowballs in Palia

The WInterlights Snowball is an ammo item in Palia that can only be used with the Bug Belt Tool. Players will have to first equip the Bug Belt Tool from the Tool Menu and then they will be able to switch to the WInterlights Snowballs if they are stored in their inventory. The switching method is same for the snowballs as the bombs by pressing the RMB.

Upon selecting the WInterlights Snowballs as ammo for your Bug Belt, you will be able to throw them at any player by holding and releasing the LMB. The impact of snowball is neutral as it is only for fun among the community and the players.

If you are wondering that you could catch bugs by using the WInterlights Snowballs, then the answer is NO as the bugs won’t fade on the impact instead, they will flee from the area.

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