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Palia: How to Get All Palcat Party Twitch Drop Items



Palia - Palcat party Twitch Drops

Palia Winter Update is currently live with new content for players to explore and unravel the mysteries of The Temple of the Gales. Alongside the Winter update, Palia partnered with Twitch in the celebration of release for Nintendo Switch to bring limited-time exclusive items for players to get via Twitch Drops. The theme of the items is based on Palcat which includes Rug, Plush, Wallpaper, and Sunglasses.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get all Palcat Twitch Drop Items in Palia.

How to Get All Palcat Twitch Drop Items in Palia

Getting the Palcat Twitch Drop Items will require players to link their Twitch account with the Palia game account and watch a Streamer on Twitch with Drops Enabled for a certain amount of time. As players watch the streamer and complete the required time for the reward, they need to head to the Drops Inventory to view and claim the earned rewards. After that, players need to simply launch and log in to the game and head to the ‘News’ tab to find the claimed items.

The Palcat Twitch Drop items are separated in two waves taking place for a limited time from December 14th, 2023 to December 29th, 2023. The first wave of Palia Twitch Drops will include 2 Palcat items and it stays active from December 14 to December 21.

  • Palcat Party Small Rug – Watch 1 Hour to Claim.
  • Palcat Nox Plush – Watch 2.5 Hours to Claim.

The second wave of Palia Twitch Drops includes 3 Palcat Items and it will be active from December 22 to December 29.

  • Palcat Rug – Watch 1 Hour to Claim.
  • Palcat Wallpaper – Watch 2.5 Hours to Claim.
  • Palcat Sunglasses – Watch 3.5 Hours to Claim.

Make sure that you are watching a streamer that has drops enabled on their live stream to count the time. If a streamer has drops enabled, it will show the drops icon above the chat window and if the streamer doesn’t have drops enabled, the drops icon will not be shown.

The Twitch Drops don’t require you to watch a single streamer as your counted time will continue if you choose to watch another streamer with Drops Enabled. So, be patient and wait for the rewards to be available in your Drops Inventory to claim them and show off to your friends in the game.

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