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Palia: How to Get Wild Ginger



Palia - Wild Ginger

Wild Ginger is one of the newly added Spices to Palia with the latest patch. As the new patch brings a variety of new cooking recipes for players to try, they need to get Wild Ginger as a required ingredient to make the recipes.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to get Wild Ginger in Palia.

How to Get Wild Ginger in Palia

Obtaining the Wild Ginger is similar to other spices in the game, meaning players will be able to get it by either foraging or purchasing it from a cash register. However, unlike other spices, the Wild Ginger isn’t sold at the General Store, instead, it can be found at Reth’s Shop in the Maji Market Event area.

Buying Wild Ginger from the Reth’s Street Specialties shop in Maji Market will cost you 25 Lucky Envelopes each. There is no stock limit on Reth’s shop so you will be able to buy as many Wild Ginger as you can from him by interacting with the Cash Register.

For the Forage method, you can simply gather them from the ground. However, they grow in specific areas of both Kilima Valley and Bahari Bay map zones and you need to wander and explore those areas to Forage them. The best areas to forage Wild Ginger in Kilima Valley are the following.

  • Fields near Chappa Crossing
  • Along the river at Whispering Banks

Both of these areas are located east of the Kilima Valley map zone and you can forage several Wild Ginger in a single run. There is no necessary time for them to spawn, so you can feel free to forage them at any time.

Use of Wild Ginger in Palia

Wild Ginger is mainly used in Cooking Recipes. Food Recipes that require any type of Spice or Wild Ginger in particular are the ones in which you can use Wild Ginger as an ingredient. Other than cooking, you can also sell it at the General Store or the Shipping Bin outside of your Plot area for 15 Gold. 

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