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Palia: How to Give Gifts to Villagers



Palia: How to Give Gifts to Villagers

Giving Gifts is one of the traditions in Kimila Village and whoever comes to Kimila Village gives gifts to the villagers. It is an odd tradition but players will get to learn about this tradition through Kenli, Mayor of Kimila Village in Palia. As players progress through the game and meet with villagers, they would be able to learn more about them and what they like. Learning more about the villagers will help players decide what to gift them. Giving a gift to villagers increases Friendship Levels and eventually, romantic feelings.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to give gifts to villagers in Palia.

How to Give Gifts to Villagers in Palia

Players can give out gifts to any villager in Kimila Village. There are over 20 villagers in total that players will get to meet in Palia and each one of them has liked/loved items and requested/needed items. If players learn what villagers like or what they requested, they will gain more XP in Friendship Level. Each villager can receive one gift in 24 hours so, if players have to give another gift to the same villager, they would have to wait 24 hours. To give gifts to the villagers, players can follow the following steps.

  • Locate a Villager on the Map and go to their location.
  • Press the F Button to talk to the villager and select the “Gift” icon on the bottom left side of the screen.
  • It will open the Inventory on the bottom right of the screen and players will be able to select an item from the inventory. Select any item players desire to gift to the villager.

If players give out a liked/loved item or requested/needed item to the villager, they will respond in a positive way increasing their Friendship Level more quickly. However, giving out a random gift will also increase the Friendship Level but without bonus XP.

Players can learn the favorite and requested items of the villagers by talking to villagers daily. Select the “Chat” option to learn more about them and if they require a certain item, they will mention it in between the dialogues. Some of the required or loved items can be come to know by talking to other villagers so, try to talk to every villager each day to learn more about them.

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