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Palia: How to Make Congee



Palia: How to Make Congee

Exploring the Palian World and pursuing the main storyline to find the secrets about the ancient humans will let you undertake several guilds in Palia. One of the essential guilds is Cooking which will let you keep your character’s Focus enhanced for better foraging and mining of the essential resources that the map zones of the world have to offer.

The Cooking Guild has several recipes in it that players can learn by finding the recipe books/pages or completing the quests. One of the new recipes that has been added in the recent patches of Palia is Congee, a Rice Porridge. This guide will help you unlock this recipe and give you an insight into how to make it in Palia.

How to Unlock Congee Recipe in Palia

Like every cooking recipe in Palia, players must first learn its recipe and it is the same for Congee. Before players get to make the Congee, they will have to unlock it. To unlock the Congee, you simply need to complete the Extravagant Expectations quest for Eshe.

How to Make Congee in Palia

Congee is one of the simplest recipes in the game and once you have unlocked its recipe, you will be able to make it at a Campfire. Unlike other recipes that require certain cooking appliances, you just have to place down a Campfire using the following materials.

  • 5x Sapwood
  • 16x Stone
  • 2x Flint
  • 10x Plant Fiber

Upon building a campfire, you will be able to cook a Congee recipe by interacting with it which will consume 2x Rice. You can get the Rice directly from Daiya Family Farm located over at Leafhopper Hills area. It will cost you 105 Gold for each rice. Alternatively, you can also get Rice Seeds from Zeki’s General Store for 23 Gold and plant them in your Housing Plot to get the Rice yield after 3 days (in-game).

Once you have the required ingredients for the recipe, go and interact with the Campfire and select the Congee recipe. It will take 15 seconds for Congee to be fully prepared and once it is done, interact with the campfire to collect it.

Use of Congee in Palia

Similar to other cooking recipes, Congee is a consumable in Palia and it grants 50 Focus for the basic version and 75 Focus for the Star-Quality version of Congee. Furthermore, you can also sell it at the Shipping Bin for 53 Gold (Basic) and 81 Gold (Star-Quality).

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