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Palia: How to Make Grilled Meat



Palia: How to Make Grilled Meat

Palia is a Simulation MMORPG with various activities that players can do to level up in the activities to unlock more exquisite items and progress in the game. One of the activities that players can partake in is Cooking which will allow them to cook various Food Recipes. One of the basic and early food recipes that players will get to cook is Grilled Meat.

In this guide, we’ll tell you how to make Grilled Meat in Palia.

How to Make Grilled Meat in Palia

Grilled Meat is a basic food recipe that can be used to regenerate 50 Focus and it only requires 2x Chapaa or Senruk Meat. Players can get the Meat by hunting Chapaa or Senruk around the Kimila Village. Chapaa is mostly found in the main Kimila Village as they are known for stealing and causing Chaos whereas, Senruk are found in open areas. It takes only 1 arrow to hunt Chapaa and 2 arrows to hunt Senruk

Once players have obtained 2x Meat, they need to grill them at the Campfire. Make sure to unlock the Campfire because, without the Campfire, players will not be able to make the Grilled Meat recipe.

Interact with the Campfire and select the Grilled Meat recipe from the recipes list on the left side and then select the Make option to cook the Grilled Meat recipe. It will take 15 seconds for the recipe to cook and players can watch the cooking animation of the recipe as well. Once the recipe has been cooked, press the F button to retrieve it from the Campfire.

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