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Palia: Kenyatta’s Cravings Quest – Walkthrough



Palia: Kenyatta's Cravings Quest - Walkthrough

Kenyatta’s Cravings is an exclusive event quest that players can start when they visit the Maji Market Event location during event hours (6 pm to 3 am). Once there, they need to talk to Kenyatta, who will ask you to buy her some food from Reth’s Stall. Buy any food item from Reth’s Stall and return to Kenyatta to start the Kenyatta’s Cravings quest.

Want to know how to complete Kenyatta’s Cravings quest? Then you’re in the right place. This guide will help you complete Kenyatta’s Cravings quest in Palia.

Kenyatta’s Cravings – Walkthrough

After starting the quest, Kenyatta will ask you to talk to Najuma. Najuma can be found at the Fireworks Stall, and you need to buy the Experimental Fireworks from Najuma. Go to the pot beside the Chapaas Pen and place the Fireworks in the pot to set them off. As the fireworks go off, Chapaas will escape their Pen, and you need to talk to Kenyatta. She will tell you to capture and bring back the runaway Chapaas. There are 5 Chapaas that you need to locate and bring back to their Pen, and they can be found at the following locations:

  • The Maji Market Moon Banner cart near the docks.
  • The tree behind the Maji Market Moon Banner cart.
  • The tree in front of Najuma’s and Hodari’s stall.
  • The tree in the center of the fairgrounds.
  • Behind Najuma’s and Hodari’s stall.

Once you have found and picked up all 5 Chapaas, go back to the Chapaas Pen and put them back in their Pen. Finally, talk to Kenyatta to complete the quest.


Completing Kenyatta’s Cravings quest will give you the following rewards:

  • 15 Renown
  • 1,000 Gold

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