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Palia: Where to Find Citrine



Palia - Citrine

Citrine is one of the Starstones that has been recently added with the latest patch of Palia. It is one of the minable gems that you can get through mining the mine deposits scattered throughout the Palian World. As there are several types of mine deposits through which you can get certain types of resources, one of the mine deposit types has a chance to drop Citrine while mining.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find Citrine in Palia.

Where to Find Citrine in Palia

Citrine can be found throughout the southeast to southwest side of the Kilima Valley map zone by mining any size of Clay and Stone deposits. The Clay and Stone Nodes are only located in the Kilima Valley map zone and you will require a Pickaxe to mine the Clay and Stone Nodes of any size, Small, Medium, and Large. The drop rate of Citrine is low and you never know from which size of clay or Stone node you will get a Citrine. We find our first one by mining the Small Stone node near the Fisherman’s Lagoon area.

There are three areas with lots of Clay and Stone Nodes in Kilima Valley, Fisherman’s Lagoon, Mayor’s Estate, and Remembrance Beach. All of the areas are along the coast and you will find several nodes. After finding the nodes, equip the pickaxe by holding the R Button. Hold the Left-Click to mine the rocks to get the Clay or Stone Ores and Citrine if lucky.

Use of Citrine in Palia

Citrine is an uncommon rarity of Starstones with associated qualities of Love for Adventure, Carefree, and Sunny Days. Its selling price is 400 Gold and it is liked by Auni, Reth, and Zeki. If you happen to find a Citrine, you can gift it to any of the characters who like it and it will activate a secret dialogue and count as a favorite gift for them which will give you the same friendship bonus as a loved gift.

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