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Palia: Where to Find Dari Cloves



Palia: Dari Clove

Palia World is enriched with various resources and ingredients that players can find by exploring different Kilima Valley and Bahari Bay areas. As resources and ingredients are used in certain Guilds that help players level up, one of the crucial Guilds is Cooking in which players require various ingredients. Cooking provides players with several foods that can be used to increase the Focus to increase the EXP gained from activities. However, several recipes would require spices and one of the spices that players can find in the game is Dari Clove.

Want to know where to find Dari Clove then you are at the right place. We will guide you on where you can find Dari Clove in Palia.

Where to Find Dari Cloves

Dari Clove is an Epic Spice that can be obtained from two different methods in Palia. One is buying from Ashura’s Foraging Guild Store and the other one is finding yourself in the field of Bahari Bay. To buy the Dari Cloves from Ashura, it will cost you 12 Foraging Medals for which you have to be Level 10 in Foraging Skill.

Bahari Bay is the second map zone in Palia that players will get to unlock as they progress in the main quests of NPCs. Once they have access to Bahari Bay, they will be able to find Dari Clove in the following areas of Bahari Bay.

  • Statue Garden
  • Thorny Thicket
  • The Outskirts
  • Flooded Steps

Dari Clove grows both Day and Night so, you can forage them at any time of the day. Most of the Dari Clove spices can be foraged in between The Outskirts and the Flooded Steps areas. If you want to farm Dari Clove, you would have to explore all of the areas in which they found to forage as much as you can.

Where to Use Dari Cloves

Dari Clove is mainly used in Cooking Recipes. Food Recipes that require any type of Spice or Dari Clove, in particular, are the ones in which you can use Dari Clove as an ingredient. Other than cooking, you can also sell them at the General Store or the Shipping Bin outside of your Plot area. You will also be able to contribute Dari Clove to the Sear-Chef Bundle of Vault of the Flames in the Night Sky.

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