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Palia: Where to Find Leafstalker Mantis



Palia: Where to Find Leafstalker Mantis

The Leafstalker Mantis is one of the rare quality Bugs in Palia that is required for completing a quest for Tamala and the new Creatures of the Abyss Bundle of Vault of the Roots. Players will be able to unlock this new vault by completing the Temple of the Roots main quest. The bundle requires a couple of bugs and fish that players must find in the wild and contribute to complete it.

This guide will focus on where you can find and how you can catch the Leafstalker Mantis in Palia.

Where to Find Leafstalker Mantis in Palia

The Leafstalker Mantis is one of the rarest mantises in the game that spawns mostly around Sweet Leaves and Dari Cloves spices spawn locations. Both of these spice types are spawned in the northern areas of Bahari Bay and there is a chance of finding a Leafstalker Mantis by foraging either one.

Furthermore, there is also a chance that you might find one on the ground as we did while traversing through the Ancient Aquaduct area. However, the northern areas with a higher chance of finding it are Flooded Steps, The Outskirts, Proudhorn Pass, Thorny Thicket, and the Statue Garden.

How to Catch Leafstalker Mantis in Palia

Catching the Leafstalker Mantis can be more tricky than other big bugs in Palia as it is hard to find it in the long grass due to its dark green color. Additionally, stunning the Leafstalker Mantis will require multiple Smoke Bombs so, make sure you bring enough to stun it when you find it. If the Leafstalker mantis gets alerted, it will try to flee by hopping around. It is best to throw the Sticky Smoke Bombs on it to slow it down and then use the regular Smoke Bombs to stun it.

Once you have stunned the Leafstalker Mantis, simply go near it and interact with it to pick it up. It will drop 0-7 Silk Thread as well on the catch. Upon catching the Leafstalker Mantis, you can go back to the Vault of the Roots in the Night Sky Temple to contribute it to the bundle.

Apart from the bundle, Leafstalker Mantis is also required to complete the A Date with Destiny quest for Tamala.

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