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Palia: Where to Find the Cake Box



Palia: Cake Box

Cake Box is a quest item that players will have to find for the Piece of Cake quest for Reth. Players will get to unlock this quest after progressing in the game and talking to Reth. Completing this quest can also give players access to the Store Room of the Inn where players can find a Mystery Box that will require a Small Key to unlock.

Want to know where to find the Cake Box in Palia, then this guide will assist you in finding it.

Where to Find the Cake Box

Once you have accepted the quest, open the map to see a highlighted area in Yellow Color. It will be over in the Fisherman’s Lagoon area. Go to the Fisherman’s Lagoon area and go near a small marketplace in the area. Look to the left of the Frog’s Bin beside the market to find a shiny box. Go near it and interact with it to find the Cake Box.

Once you have picked up the Cake Box, you need to deliver it to Tamala over at Bahari Bay. Go to Bahari Bay by road or Fast Travel there to find Tamala and talk to her. Go through the dialogues to give the Cake Box to her.

After that, you can report back to Reth to complete the quest. You will also get Reth’s Key by reporting back to Reth which will give you access to the Store Room under the Inn.

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